I know what it feels like to wake up one .day and feel like life isn’t all that it should be. First comes the big dreams, next you’re settling for less unintentionally. The pain that comes with being dissatisfied with your current experiences in  life can be deep. This was my experience but I overcame

The Feeling of Unfulfillment

In August 2014, I became uncomfortable with the way my life was. It was the kind of discomfort that nobody would understand because it wasn’t external. Everything was fine on the home front and I was also working as an Architect in a firm. Designing like I always wanted. I also had the best boss and colleagues anyone could ever wish for but I felt very unfulfilled.

Writing my Dreams list

12 years before then, in 2002, I had dreams for my future. In 2004, I wrote my dreams list. 2014 made it 10 years since the dreams list but I had settled for an average life. I desired more.

Getting in Touch with my Authentic Desires

I desired a wholesomely fulfilled life with success in all areas. My family and career were all that there was to my private personal life. I wanted personal growth and all kinds of freedom. To have the opportunity to influence progressive change in the lives of people around me would have been awesome. I didn’t want to just exist, I wanted to build a legacy.

The size of my dreams started to weigh me down. With no idea how I was going to become this person I envisioned, overwhelm took over. Why I was receiving these vibes at this time, I didn’t understand. What I knew was that the dreams of what could be was familiar.

I had many questions so I started to ask. I had no concrete answers but I asked them anyway.

Building a Vision Board

In 2016, I captured the images in my head and things became clearer.

I looked for pictures that resonated with those images and built my first Vision Board. In less than 6 months, I recorded  amazing growth. I had pulled some serious things from my core and suddenly began to know the ‘Why’ of my life.

I knew ‘what’ to do and understood ‘how’ to get the life that I desired. Joy flowed from the inside out, I gained focus and aligned with my core. I stopped drifting, I quit waiting for external acknowledgement. I gave myself the permission to cultivate the things that mattered to my vision. It resonated with my purpose for being here on earth.

Actualizing one of my Biggest Dreams

In 2017, I started helping other impact driven people clarify their visions for life and get equipped to actualize their authentic dreams. This is how I got to where I am. My experience is the reason I do what I do. I nursed this dream for 14 years. Now I’m a speaker, trainer and coach.

Achieving this dream is just one of the many great things I’ve experienced. If you’re reading this and you have questions or you desire other results, I wrote my free vision clarity essential guides for you.

The guides have a lot more detail. If you have a similar story to mine or you resonate with it, I can send my free guides  to you. They will help you start your journey and guide you along the way.

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A Personal Development Coach with expertise in Vision Clarity and Actualization. I work with impact-driven people to discover themselves, clarify their vision for life and get equipped to actualize their authentic dreams. I call this my life work. Professionally, I have a background In Architecture and Design

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