Hey there amazing you,

I’m so thrilled that you’ve stumbled over to my blog!

I’ve had this site for a while and I’ve just kept it. Today however, I’ ve decided to step out of my perfectionist mode. I’m a recovering perfectionist and each day I I get closer to learning the art of good spontaneity

Today’s a beautiful day because I get to push out my first post here. Hurray!#Bloggerversary #Savethedate

Blogging journey

It’s not my first time of blogging,  I’ve had 3 blogs so far. I launched blogs in the past as an online creative outlet and cloud for my interests. I did this in  November 2010 and February 2013.

Why I’m blogging

I created my third blog in 2016, a design and decor coaching blog for home and space owners,to give advice from my experience as an Architect and Interior designer. I then started to understand how much of a serious tool a blog can be. How lives can be lit up and transformed significantly.

This was important to me because I had just started my intentional personal development journey. I discovered so much more about myself and my passions. My life’s dreams were connected to my talents. My gifts and skills, experiences and stories from the past made sense. I got major clarity of vision for my life and my transformation began. Read my vision clarity story here

What to expect from my blog…

On the blogI’ll share my experiences in the Self-discovery and Mindset posts. I’ll definitely talk about Vision and Goal-setting because they’re important for starting out and gaining momentum. I believe that Growth and Productivity are crucial for sustaining whatever you build. Everything I’ll talk about on the blog will center around Life, and Business as part of a subsets of life

Who I write for…

I’m always excited to have conversations with people who are truly passionate about creating balance and living an all-round fulfilling life. I love to meet people who care about creating thriving businesses and doing all they can to influence progressive change in the lives of others. I’m inspired by people with big ideas and dreams that are true to the core of who they are. If this is you, you’re exactly the kind of person this blog is for.  We are exactly on the same journey and I’d like to  pay my lessons forward, exchange ideas and learn from you too.

I encourage comments and feedback

While my love for writing and sharing information that solves problems made me start this blog, I’ve also created pdf guides, face-to-face workshops, 1-on-1 sessions, online courses and mentorship programs that handle beyond the information I can share in blog format. Sometimes, there’s a nee to centre on deep diving into your specific needs an I have free an paid services created for those.


A Personal Development Coach with expertise in Vision Clarity and Actualization. I work with impact-driven people to discover themselves, clarify their vision for life and get equipped to actualize their authentic dreams. I call this my life work. Professionally, I have a background In Architecture and Design

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